More ruminal wellness with liquid feeds

Higher dry matter intake, less sorting, better fiber digestibility.

These are some of the most important ways of ensuring constant ruminal wellness and consequently maintain a healthy and productive herd.

If you want to reach these objectives and valorize better the daily ration, liquid feeds are an unmatched ally.

Discover more about the positive effects of liquid feeds on cows' ruminal wellness.

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Sugars help to face with summer

Dairy cows performances depending on several factors in summer season, a critical period of the year. 

Right nutrients help to face with hot and moisture that always depress the milk production.
Invernizzi farm (our customer) found a strategic balance by using SUGAR PLUS liquid sugars.
Here you can find available an article published on Professione Allevatore that describes the choices made to get the best from herd.


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Beef cattle and sugar in ration


Conference on the feeding of beef cattle in Cologna Veneta, February 2018

An article published on Professione Allevatore magazine with a summary of the contents presented by SUGAR PLUS.

With more sugars in ration "more efficiency of the rumen and greater welfare of the animals".

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No limits

There are no limits which can not be exceeded

Autumn 2017

An article published on Professione Allevatore magazine which sums up the experience of one of our clients

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The effect of sugars

The effect of sugars on the Ruminal pH

Sugars should be considered as an important nutritive principle.

They are necessary to balance the energy of the ration and achieve optimal digestive balance.